• Recognized

    Completely recognized by a globally known accreditation body, your degrees form Johnstown will be accepted worldwide

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  • Learned

    Providing education through the best industry experts nad professionals from around the world, who brings with them years of professional experience.
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  • Globally

    We have our existance in all the continents of the world. Due to our state of the art online classroom technology distances are not a barrier now.
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  • Credits

    Allowing students to complete their degrees in lesser time by transfering their prior education credits to the current degree.

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  • Numerous

    Choose among more than 71 industry preferred degree majors according to your interest. Visit our schools.

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Welcome to KSA's
Top Online University

At the Johnstown University, you will find a creative setting dedicated to turning your futuristic vision into reality. Located in your own house, accessible from your own personal computer, Johnstown University is the heart of distant learning around the globe, where we strive to let our students experience the very best in education and which moulds their future just in the way they wanted. Our graduates can be located in the Forbes 100 companies across the world.

Our online campus offers the experience which is as invogorating for you as any traditional campus. One that combines the socializing among students and with the faculty and promotes the transfer of knowledge and

ideas from one mind to the other. The online classrooms are designed keeping in view the busy schedule of our students who might be working, so no matter where you are and whatever the time is, your gateway to quality education is always with you.

  • For seven long years I kept working as a supervisor, no promotions at all, but in only 2 months of completing my Bachelor’s degree from Johnstown University I was made a manager. Clyde Newman

  • They say seeing is believing, I say at Johnstown University experiencing is believing. The interactive classrooms are the most effective media to learn and develop you, both personally and professionally.Cheryl Pilon

  • During my last semester I was offered a job of a Management Trainee at a local bank. Today after 1.5 years I am working successfully as an Assistant Manager in the Treasury department of my bank. Thanks Johnstown for giving me what I have today!
    Emma Guerero

  • After her graduation from Johnstown University, joined a multinational as an executive. Got promoted twice and today after two years, working as a consultant in the financial services sector.
    Samantha Millar