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Career Center

Students may explore various student employment opportunities in well-known national and multinational organizations through our Career Center. Our partnered corporate alliances provide our students and alumni with high-paid and rewarding jobs. Top employers and organizations of the world prefer to hire Johnstown students because of their strong leadership, analytical and communication skills.

Johnstown University offers two types of placements:

Johnstown's Internship Placement Opportunities

Johnstown's Internship Placement Program is specially designed for students who want to take the glimpse of real work environment before joining any organization as full-time employees. Our internship placement services are highly beneficial for the students who plan to opt for a different career path.

Internship programs help student to work on actual projects and gain professional experience which comes in handy when they opt to do a full-time job.

Johnstown's Job Placement Opportunities

Top organizations from all across the globe have partnered with Johnstown, providing some of the best career opportunities to our students and alumni in every region of the world.

To learn more about Johnstown University’s Career Center Services, please go through the details below.

So, no matter if you are an employer looking to hire career oriented professionals or a student wanting to be employed in a world class organization, Johnstown Career Center is here to help you. To learn more about Johnstown University's Career Center Services, please go through the details below.


Through our search a job facility we will connect you with leading job placement companies where you can get a job according to your criteria.


Get effective career coaching from world class career coaches who will provide you a new direction to achieve advancement in your career


Get to know the essential element of an impressive resume that guarantees you an interview call.


Acquire expert advice on your education and professional career. Complete guidance will be provided to you starting from choosing a degree to landing in to a job.

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As the president of a growing fraternity of learners, I welcome you at Johnstown University where we ensure that only the best in education is embarked thus assuring professional success of our graduates in the long run.

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Education at Johnstown is flexible, which means you can complete your degree program at the time of your convenience. No time limit specified by the University. Study as per your convenience!


Due to the valid accreditation status from a globally renowned accreditation body, degrees awarded by Johnstown University are completely recognized and accepted at all the top notch employers of the globe.


Working towards our mission of spreading quality education ,we have devised very affordable fee structures so that no student is unable to continue their education due to financial issues.