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Education at Johnstown University is accepted and recognized across the globe. A professional degree from Johnstown makes one a prime candidate for top paying jobs and further academic pursuits. This level of success and global renown would not have been possible without our association with some of the world's most respected education accreditation and regulatory bodies. Thanks to our accreditations and memberships, Johnstown University ranks among today's best professional degree-awarding institutions on the web.

As we operate globally, we have obtained accreditations from several regional and international accreditation bodies, as well as other e-learning promoting and regularizing groups of the world. This not only assures that our students receive only the best there is in online instruction, but also keeps us striving to improve the contents of our professional online programs, and the way we do it.

Listed below are the renowned global bodies that Johnstown University is accredited by or is a member of.

Arab Accreditation Council
Arab Accreditation Council is Middle East's premier accreditation body that accredits the region's traditional (campus-based) as well as online educational institutions. The Council practices stringent evaluation procedures and accredits only those institutions which fully met its standards.

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Global Accreditation Board For Distance Education
GABDE is an international accrediting agency aiming to achieve standard of academic excellence globally. It is a globally recognized accrediting association dedicated to providing accreditation to academic institutions established in the United States and Canada.

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International Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology Education
IABETE is an international accrediting body for degree-granting post-secondary programs in engineering. IABETE accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established in the engineering

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Association for Accreditation of Business Schools & Programs
AABSP is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, AABSP grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.

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President’s Message

As the president of a growing fraternity of learners, I welcome you at Johnstown University where we ensure that only the best in education is embarked thus assuring professional success of our graduates in the long run.

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Education at Johnstown is flexible, which means you can complete your degree program at the time of your convenience. No time limit specified by the University. Study as per your convenience!


Due to the valid accreditation status from a globally renowned accreditation body, degrees awarded by Johnstown University are completely recognized and accepted at all the top notch employers of the globe.


Working towards our mission of spreading quality education ,we have devised very affordable fee structures so that no student is unable to continue their education due to financial issues.